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3D High Definition Laser Digitizing and CNC Relief Carving

Using state of the art laser displacement sensor technology, we take 3D digitizing to the next level...

(Please see bottom of page if you are looking to purchase laser hardware)

The difference between high resolution touch probe scanning and high definition laser scanning is uncanny.

The two examples below show a quarter touch probe scanned at 0.002" step resolution, and a Liberty quarter scanned in high definition laser.

Both scans are raw data directly from the scanners, rendered in ArtCAM Pro.

Scans above are for demonstrative purposes only. Designs are copyright of their respective owners & used in accordance with the Fair Use Act.

With resolution spanning from as low as 2um (0.000078 inches) for small items and at worst 0.002" (in Z axis) on models up to 7" thick and 4 feet square, iBILD has you covered.

We now have the ability to do 4th axis scanning as well!

Nobody else gives you high quality scans at an affordable price for your 3D artwork.

Go ahead...price out 3D laser digitizing from some of those engineering-type companies. Our customers repeatedly tell us our prices are only 20-50% of other companies!

iBILD is THE authority on 3D relief scanning for the decorative arts!!!

Unlike many other services available in the marketplace, iBILD uses a proprietary digitizing technology that can scan models that other scanners can't!

Metal and glossy objects typically do not need a dulling agent, provided that you cannot see your reflection in the part and they are not clear, such as crystal.

Clear and mirror-like models are not a problem with the application of a washable film that provides an opaque homogenous surface suitable for scanning.


For pricing information & current lead time (typically 48-72hr turn around) please contact us via e-mail using the link below.

X, Y, Z dimensions and photos that best illustrate the model in question are necessary in order to quote digitizing services.



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iBILD what stores don't sell!!!


iBILD provides High Definition Laser equipment to military and government institutions ONLY.

We do NOT sell equipment to the general public or private companies.

We DO however offer excellent laser scanning SERVICES for a wide array of industries.

We are the LEADER in 3D scanning for the decorative arts and creative machining.