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What we do

Manufacturing Consultants

IBILD Solutions has been catering to digital manufacturing professionals for 17 years. We offer affordable solutions to common problems. Do you need to "get your 2D or 3D part into the computer" ? Are you new to CNC with a specific project in mind and need to start getting a return on your machine investment? Are you a CNC veteran that needs help with a sophisticated project? We can help.

High Definition Laser Scanning

Our metrology grade hardware is capable of resolving the finest details. Unlike consumer grade hardware, our scanners preserve the original design intent of the artist. Our non-contact scanners can capture your hand-carved relief, sculpture or rare part with ease. It's like going to a store and pulling your exact 3D relief or model off the shelf. 

Derivative Works & Repair

After your original model is digitized, we can modify it to your specifications. We can for instance, change the angle on your guitar neck or make derivative works from your relief pattern to match a specific design. Furthermore, missing areas on the original can be digitally repaired and remastered. It's no problem. We've got you covered.

Solution Example

Your model is digitized

Once we receive your model and instructions we digitally copy your original part and prepare it for CAD and CAM operations.

2D Features are defined

If your part has 2D features that need to be defined for the most efficient toolpathing, we can define these areas and provide you with the 2D vector data that compliments your 3D data, at the customer's request.

3D Part optimization

In conjunction with defining 2D features, we can digitally fill in cavernous features, at the customer's request, to give a surface that both machines faster and results in a higher quality product.

video training using your part

IBILD completes the process by creating sample toolpaths, machining boundaries, tooling suggestions in Vectric CAD/CAM & videos every step, at the customer's request. You don't have to be a CAD/CAM expert to machine stunning parts on your CNC. We can show you how.

our scan data can be used in many different ways

Once your model is scanned, the resulting data can be used for CNC machining, 3D printing and to archive precious physical models. The data can also be used for scientific evaluation, cultural & historical preservation and for insurance purposes. 

scanning is only part of the process

IBILD provides solutions, not just great 3D scans. We understand that not everyone who has invested in digital manufacturing equipment is an expert. It is our highest aspiration to help you achieve your unique vision and goals. IBILD has trained every branch of the US military, universities, companies large and small how to use their new digital fabrication tools. Rest assured, you're in good hands. 

Did you know?

you will Make more money

Companies who use our services make more money. By using our scanning and consulting services, smaller companies are able to take on larger projects previously unavailable to them. Nobody has to know we're your secret partner. Imagine having your own digitizing and training lab any time you need it! Don't worry, we won't share your information or data with anyone. Ever. Period. We're big on integrity.

Many of our customers already own 3d a scanner

Let's face it, getting clean, reliable, quality data requires a tremendous investment in both capital and time. Incomplete data, noise and post processing can be extremely frustrating. Let IBILD do the hard work for you. We can scan your part with the quality and integrity we are known for and you can concentrate on what you do best. 

examples of our work

Great Seal of the United States

Original ArtWORk

20" Original Pattern 

Scan data

Background parsed from relief ready for digital sculpting and remastering. The Shield, Glory and Lettering on ribbon were completely rebuilt in preparation for machining.

CNC machined in HDU & Coated

Artwork was scaled to 84" and CNC Routed by IBILD in 18# Duna Corafoam. The machined parts were sent to the finisher's for assembly and bronze metal coating.

State Dept mission to un

The model was installed in Midtown Manhattan in the Ronald H. Brown State Dept Mission to the United Nations building.

French Carousel Themed Theatre Room

completed theatre

In collaboration with Gabriel McKeagney of Architectural Furnishings in CA, all 3D reliefs were created from 2D sketches, 3D scans and digitally sculpted from scratch.

conceptual drawings

Working with Gabriel's sketches, IBILD was able to match the design intentions exactly and translate the concept into 3D.

authentic aesthetic

IBILD's metrology-grade scanners were able to capture every detail of the sample reliefs, preserving the look, feel and warmth of the motif.

real data for real work

Our high-density data is perfect for projects that need perfect replication and is ideally suited for CNC machining. 

Automotive Restoration Parts

a second chance

Finding restoration quality parts for classic cars is often a challenge if the part is fragile or susceptible to damage. Scarce parts can be digitally captured and archived or used for reproductions.

preserved in time

This assembly has been digitally captured for archival purposes, but as you can see, the data can freely be used for manufacturing.

A perfect fit

The data was used in conjunction with a FFF 3D printer to proof the data for the customer. The data is so accurate that there is no problem interchanging the printed and original parts with a perfect fit between them.

clean, dense data

CNC/3DP Ready.

Starbucks Downtown Disney

completed project

IBILD worked closely with Cherrylion Studios and Oak Branch Manufacturing in Atlanta to complete this project.

original sculpture

Cherryliion's original clay scupture was molded and casted in plastic in preparation for scanning. These panels were scanned, scaled up and the data sent to Oak Branch for CNC routing.

final touch

The CNC routed reliefs were masterfully hand carved with a slight undercut for more visual impact.

the result

The carved reliefs were finished and installed by Oak Branch in the Downtown Disney Location.

1931 Lincoln Ornament Preservation

1931 Lincoln Lebaron

grayhound ornament

This 1931 Lincoln grayhound ornament has survived the test of time. Unfortunately vandals would often snap off the tail, so prime examples are rare.


The original shape has been captured and archived. Every detail, including the subtle rib features and blemishes have been captured. Blemishes are easily repaired using digital sculpting software.


IBILD can prepare your data for 3D printing. Clean, watertight models ready for your slicer.


No more getting stopped or stuck! Generic videos bundled with software can only take you so far. Sometimes you need additional help, advice or specific training not available online.
IBILD understands this, can get you moving again and show you a clear path to your goal. IBILD can prepare your scan data for seamless integration into your CAD/CAM software.


We can scan small items like coins or jewelry and large items such as automotive bodywork panels and architectural millwork. If you can ship it, we can scan it!

If you only need a scan and no further services, turn around time is typically 4-7 days. If you require consultation or a video tutorial using your scanned data, this will take longer depending on your specific needs.

Generally speaking, this is not our niche. Freeform organic shapes usually do not lend themselves to being defined as platonic solids. It takes a substantial amount of time to do proper retopology on a model. Furthermore, the process of retopology wipes away small details that makes a carving or sculpture aestetically pleasing and authentic. The most popular methods of digital fabrication use STL or voxel based 3D data as a means to machine or print a relief or 3D part. Finally, doing engineering-type retopology is no fun. We'd rather leave that drudgery to the engineers!

STL binary mesh, Aspire .3DCLIP and ArtCAM v9 .RLF are the most popular 3D formats because they preserve the finest details while remaning small in size (Mb). However, OBJ, LWO, STL ASCII and PLY are also available. 2D formats include EPS, AI, DXF, DWG, PDF and SVG. We do not offer photographic texture mapping at this time.

Yes! Since this is a non-contact process, delicate models like dried flowers and clay figurines can be scanned. As long as you can protect the model well enough to get it to us, and it is non-perishable,  there is no problem. It is possible to scan perishable items when they meet certain criteria and scheduling.

Yes, probably. However this is not our focus. There are many services and DIY solutions out there for live capture using nothing more than a camera array. Surprisingly, aside from movie stars and sports players, there really isn't a commerical market for this stuff outside of novelty items.

We don't have one. Since each model and project is unique, it is necessary to first do an evaluation and give you an estimate. Models with very high detail or cavernous features require more time to scan. 


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If you would like a quote for services, please email a few photos of your project and explain what you would like to accomplish. Please include your company name, mailing address and phone number.